About Us

When we moved to the United States in the 1990s, the freedom of expression and the possibility of realizing one's dreams here amazed us.  The variety of fashion trends in design inspired us to develop our own unique style.  So much so in fact, that my mother and I opened a small boutique in Riverdale, NY doing everything from decorating the shop to selecting the merchandise and creating our customer's own personal style. They welcomed our desire to bring European fashion to a small community and appreciated our effort.

As the business grew, we expanded from a ‘woman's only boutique’ and added both a men's and children's line.  In our travels, we search for high quality classic styles for ladies and gentlemen and heirloom quality clothing that make even our youngest customers feel special.

From left to right (Larisa, Luba, Bella (dog), Vlada, Nikita, Andre, Taiss, Angelika (sitting).

Now 5 years later, we are so excited to bring our idea of ‘dressing exclusively’ to a wider audience online, offering you individuality in this too often cookie-cutter world of fashion.

We try to offer uncommon, yet classic styles in limited quantities, to create a one of a kind wardrobe for you.  We value the opportunity to personally attend to each order and make your shopping experience pleasant and easy.

As you preview our collections, we hope you can see how our carefully selected styles can enhance your everyday wardrobe as well as add significance to your special occasions.

Happy shopping!

Vlada & Luba Dembovsky